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Touchdown Dance Education pack

by Touchdown Dance members

At £10 a copy for individuals and £40 for institutions plus postage, this Education Pack is a bargain. It was developed by the visually impaired and sighted dancers in Touchdown Dance who all have over 10 years experience with Touchdown Dance as teachers and performers as a guide and document about workshop content, methods and processes that lie at the core of our workshop and education provision in Touchdown Dance.

A photographic guide with full explanations of the movements, and some counter-indications and observational teaching points.

This version provides a breakdown of the core methods and processes and the legacy of Steve Paxton and Anne Kilcoyne, the founders and many new ideas and photos of the movement work, methods and approaches. This includes caution and health and safety considerations.


The Origins of Movement The Embodiment of Early Embryological Development

by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

The research presented by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen on this DVD during a workshop given in Cologne 2007, opens ways to the embodiment of this early development. Bonnie’s great gift is to clarify the pathways of embodiment by preparing and structuring the vast material provided by scientific research and combining this information with specific body structures and experiences.


Sensing, Feeling, and Action (3rd edition). The Experiential Anatomy of Body-Mind Centering

by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Pioneering movement educator Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen describes her innovative approach to embodiment, movement analysis, and movement re-education through her collected articles and interviews from Contact Quarterly, 1980-2007. Thirty-two additional pages with articles on the cell, embryology, and the autonomic nervous system, as well as new photos and illustrations make this third edition a must have.

This book is the text book for the training and a required purchase, however additional study guides with more in depth analysis of the BMC approach are provided.

Number of copies in stock: 20